Monday, May 28, 2007

In Memorium

Today was the day we are supposed to remember our honored war dead, and to thank all who have served our county as members of the military. People usually just "celebrate" by cooking outside and getting drunk.

I took the boys down to the Memorial Day parade, explaining to Isaac that we are going to wave at the soldiers and thank them for their service. There was a time when I viewed these kinds of events as a sort of propaganda, similar that of the Soviets of yesteryear or the North Koreans now. Cynical, I know. But, today I felt differently. Our country is at war, and I watched the parade with sadness and a sense of loss at the sacrifice these men and women have made and are making. I wish I took pictures, but I was too busy weeping and waving and shouting thank you to every soldier, every vet, who passed. Also especially touching were the Gold Star Mothers. I wish I could think of something poignant enough to say about them. I just hope I never have to become one.

Happy Memorial Day.